Durham University Childrens Mapping

Durham University carried out service mapping for over 10 years. Originally developed through a collaboration of different skills and expertise at the University, the methodology has been applied to a number of service areas, in particular the mapping of children’s services. Since 2002 the main data collections were CAMHS Mapping (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Mapping), Child Health Mapping and finally Children’s Services Mapping, undertaken on behalf of the Department of Health and Department for Education (previously Department for Children, Schools and Families). In July 2010 the sponsors took the decision to discontinue the Children’s Services Mapping exercise.

The current Children’s Services Mapping website is no-longer being used for collecting data but is now an archive site for much of the data which was collected during these three mapping programmes.

The site contains a great deal of data about health and social care services for children in England within Local Authorities (except Schools) and Primary Care Trusts. The site also contains publications, primarily atlases which have been generated from the data.

Due to the closure of the programme, the data on this site is provided “as-is” and no support can be offered concerning the data, its interpretation or website functionality.

The Durham University Mapping Unit, who conducted the Children’s Services Mapping exercise, wish to thank all the mapping leads and everyone else involved from the many organisations across the country whose efforts contributed to this significant collection of data about Children’s Services.

If you are wishing to explore the possibility of commissioning further service mapping based on the expertise of the Children’s Services Mapping Team, then please submit your request to the Head of School, School of Applied Social Sciences

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